The Challenge

Swim the length of the English Channel over 12 weeks

Swim the distance of the English Channel and raise money for Aspire and people paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury. Join the challenge on your own, in a team, or with your class or colleagues and take on the 22 miles in your local pool, in your own time – or even in your lunch time!

Everyone can take part in the Aspire Channel Swim, so whether you’re 7 or 107, take up this autumn’s greatest challenge - sign up today by clicking the link above and help change lives.

It's your challenge - sign up as an individual or create a team

Once you have signed up you can record your lengths on your individual challenge page to keep track of your position in the Channel. Share your page with your friends and family so that they can monitor your progress and keep updated with how your fundraising is going.

The more you share your challenge page through FacebookTwitter and email, the more you'll raise! You can also challenge your fellow swimmers and see how they're getting on – make sure to check out our Leaderboard on the website to see your official Aspire Channel Swim ranking and see who else is taking part at your pool!

How many lengths is 22 miles?

Kick off your swim with our length calculator to work out how many lengths you will need to do to complete the distance. 

Challenge Calculator

Don't know the length of your local pool? An average pool length is 25m but if you’re not sure, contact your local swimming pool.

You'll need to swim quite a few lengths
in total and a few less per week