Vicky is looking forward to finishing the challenge!

I signed up to the Aspire Channel Swim after seeing the advert on Facebook and I thought to myself, “It’s about time I give something like this a go.”

I’ve always enjoyed swimming since I was young and learnt to swim in primary school.  However, I had an asthma attack when attempting my 25 metre swim badge and it knocked my confidence, so as an adult I’ve been getting used to swimming again and gaining in fitness. 

I find swimming really relaxing, it helps de-stress me and it also gets me fitter which is a bonus

I am most definitely getting better at swimming and I haven’t had an asthma attack yet!  On a serious note, I’m building my confidence and enjoying myself.  I’ve also lost some weight and am eating healthy, so I feel quite good at the moment. 

Vicky Bradshaw

I originally set my fundraising target at £100 and have already raised £170, so I’m happy with anything really.  I didn’t think I’d get £50, let alone £170!   I’ve never done any fundraising before, but I find it ok.  I’ve been getting good support and with social media it’s easy getting the word out.  I’ve also been sharing updates and things on Facebook so people who have sponsored me can follow my progress. 

I’m just over half way now and, to be honest, I’m struggling a little.  I have good support and have raised a nice amount so that’s my inspiration for carrying on.  I’m really looking forward to completing the challenge as it’s such an achievement to say “I swam the Channel”.  I know it’s not the real channel but 22 miles in 12 weeks is good enough for me!  It would be nice to be met on the other side by some nice French wine and food!

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