Jun 13, 2017

Is the Aspire Channel Swim the first time you’ll be swimming regularly? Then you’ll need to make sure that you’re heading to the pool as prepared as you can be. To make your new hobby a little easier we’ve compiled a list of the most important equipment you’ll need before diving in, and how it’ll help your swimming…

Swimwear - Arguably the most important piece of equipment you’ll need to start swimming! Make sure you find something that you feel confident in and is comfortable. Zoggs do a fantastic range of 100% chlorine proof swimwear that has a lifetime guarantee! It’s the perfect investment for your 12 week challenge. 

Goggles – Chlorine in the pool can really irritate your eyes, so make sure you’re wearing goggles for your Aspire Channel Swim. We recommend investing in a decent pair like these panorama Zoggs goggles, as although they may be pricier the quality will be well worth it. There’s nothing worse than having to stop every other length to adjust your goggle straps and empty leaked water! They will also help prevent against goggle fog, check out HOW TO STOP YOUR GOGGLES FOGGING UP for more tips!

Swimming Cap – As well as irritating your eyes chlorine can also damage your hair; making it dry and brittle. Wear your Aspire Channel Swim swimming cap to protect your hair (for added protection trying rubbing a little conditioner or coconut oil into the ends of your hair before putting it under the cap). Wearing a swimming cap will also give you a more streamlined shape which will mean you move faster through the water – result! 

Waterproof Swim Bag – You can of course use any bag to take your kit to the pool in. However, we recommend splashing out on a Zoggs Poolside Backpack with wet and dry compartments; perfect for keeping your personal items dry on the way home. Handily, this backpack was also the prize in 2016 for raising £450… watch this space for 2017 prizes!

Towel – An obvious one, but still worth mentioning! You don’t want to be that person who emerges from the pool and has to do an awkward dash to the changing rooms to air dry. If you were lucky enough to win an Aspire Channel Swim 2016 towel make sure you take it to the pool with you and spread the word about the challenge!

Water Bottle – It’s easy to forget when swimming that you need to replenish the water you’re losing from your body. Make sure you take a water bottle with you and keep it at the end of your lane to sip throughout your swim. Find out more about the importance of staying hydrated in our article 10 WAYS TO DRINK MORE WATER

If you want an excuse to buy all this lovely equipment you can sign up to the Aspire Channel Swim 2017 HERE!