How Laura went from ten lengths to completing the swim in four weeks.

At its core the Aspire Channel Swim has always been about challenging yourself to become fitter and healthier at the same time as raising money for people paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury. Everybody wins! For Laura Jordan this was perfect, she could help fund Aspire’s charity work whilst using the challenge as a fundamental part of her weight loss journey.

“I completed my first ever fitness challenge and it was amazing!”

Laura took part in the swim in late 2018: “when my sister showed me this challenge I was in two minds but summoning a bit of determination I thought I would give it a go.” This being her first ever fitness challenge Laura eased herself in by swimming a little bit in the two weeks running up to the challenge. “At this stage I was only able to do 10 lengths (how unfit was I?). The second time I went swimming I managed 25 lengths, and just before I started the challenge I powered through hitting 44 lengths.”

Before And After

When the start of the challenge eventually rolled around Laura was ready and she clocked up a mile (that’s 64 lengths in her 25-metre pool). Having gone from 10 lengths to a mile in just two weeks Laura had astounded herself: “Wow, I was proud! As the challenge went on every time I went swimming I managed between 64 and 128 lengths.” She began smashing out the miles and amazing, by week four, she’d done it. She’d swum the distance from Dover to France.

Laura With Medal

“I've never felt so uplifted by something in my life and off course I could see results in my fitness and weight loss.”

With the Aspire Channel Swim and cutting down on what she was eating Laura dropped a whopping three stones! “Safe to say I will be wanting to gain more medals in 2019 and a bit more weight loss will be super.” Laura left us with some fantastic advice for anyone on the fence about swimming the challenge in 2019.

“Anyone thinking about doing this challenge I would highly recommend it. Feeling this massive buzz knowing I've done it and gaining my first medal is amazing! Raising the money I raised for the Aspire feels incredibly rewarding. No matter how small, every donation matters.” 

“Don’t spend time thinking, just do it! I guarantee you will feel amazing when you complete it!”

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