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If you took part in the 2018 Aspire Channel Swim you’ll have no doubt sneaked a few cheeky peeks at the top fundraiser on the leaderboard and thought, “I could never raise that much”. During the challenge Rachel Stevens was able to fundraise a goggle-steaming £2,317 to help support people with Spinal Cord Injury! In answer to the question you’re all thinking, no this isn’t the Rachel Stevens from S-Club 7.

So, how did she do it without the connections of a famous popstar? A look at Rachel’s JustGiving page is all it takes to see one of her top fundraising techniques: good old regular updates. Her JustGiving page is bustling with donations but also with snappy descriptions of how she’s doing. These thank people who have sponsored her and tempt friends and family members who haven’t yet.

JG Updates

Rachel made sure that her friends and family saw her page and these updates by spreading it far and wide to as many people as she could. “For me it was just about telling everyone about the challenge and the charity and then sending various messages with the JustGiving link included via Facebook, email and WhatsApp.” Rachel also worked for two different companies over the 12-week Swim, so she had two groups of workmates to send her fundraising page to.

"I like a swimming challenge and thought it was such a great cause to raise money for."

The fab fundraiser told us that the idea of helping people with Spinal Cord Injury kept her motivated. “To be able to do this challenge makes you appreciate and realise how lucky you are and makes the challenge even more important. I can’t really imagine not being able to walk easily so I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to raise money to help people.”

Rachel S

If you’re taking on the January Aspire Channel Swim in 2019 but are still a bit stumped by how to raise the money then just follow Rachel’s example. Or, as Rachel’s famous namesake would say:

Reach for the stars

And when that rainbow's shining over you

That's when your dreams will all come true! (Shameless…).

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