Pauline is swimming to lose weight

I saw the swim advertised on Facebook and decided to “swim the Channel” as part of my bucket list achievements.  I was already swimming a couple of times a week, as I took up swimming again after several years as a way of getting more active.  I had a big issue with the fact that I am a larger lady and was too embarrassed to be seen in a swimming costume, but the pool I use was very welcoming and happy for me to wear shorts over my costume.

I haven’t looked back since and am now swimming a mile three times a week

I love swimming because from a very young age I have always loved being in the water and it’s something I can do anywhere that doesn’t need a lot of equipment.

Pauline Bait

I haven’t done a challenge like this before, but I did walk from Worthing Pier to Brighton Pier last year, also as part of my bucket list.  I would like to keep active and healthy for as long as I am able to and I would also like to lose weight.  I am aiming to walk the route of the London Marathon but I get pain in my hips if I walk too far in one go, so I want to do it in smaller sections.  I have also challenged myself to do a 10 mile bike ride in November.

So far, I have raised £82.  I feel embarrassed asking people for money, but I put a sponsor form up at work and I also posted my achievements on Facebook and got some donations that way.  A friend of mine did a mini raffle to raise some money for me.

To have the motivation of seeing my miles accumulate is excellent and getting feedback about what the channel is like in certain parts has helped. To get a certificate and medal is another reward which has motivated me to fundraise as I don't get the chance to get medals in sporting activities as I'm not the build to be a runner!

I don’t know anyone with a spinal cord injury, but for many years I volunteered with a scheme that offered holidays for children with specials needs, so I worked with some children who had spinal injuries.  

I am pleased to be able to help by fundraising so that I can help make a small difference to the lives of people with Spinal Cord Injury

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