Laura is swimming to celebrate her 60th birthday

Laura first did the Aspire Channel Swim ten years ago in 2009 and decided to do it again this year to celebrate another milestone birthday.

I decided to do the Swim as I love a challenge and turning 60 at the end of October, I thought it was time for another milestone challenge.  I needed to get in shape as I feel I am at a crossroads so it was time to sink or swim (pardon the pun!).  I have also started the couch to 5k and have surprised myself with what I can achieve when I put my mind to it.

Laura Fisk

I love being in or near water.  Once I’m in, that first underwater push is like being in heaven; it’s so peaceful and magical I can’t tell you how lovely the feeling is

I swim for pleasure.  My sister and brother were always brilliant swimmers and I would love to be able to swim like them. I only do breaststroke but when I started the Swim I was doing a length in one minute and now I can do it in 43 seconds.  I would like to learn to swim crawl and I have signed up for the Sudbury triathlon with my friend Karen, who is a cyclist and runner, so we will support each other with our weaker events. 

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Raising money to support people with spinal cord injuries is very important to me; having experienced back issues in the past, I really appreciate how restricting it can be. 

Independence is everything to me and supporting people to achieve that is so worthwhile

I will do the Swim again, but probably when I have another milestone birthday!  It’s hard finding the time to get the swims in whilst working full time, but I am totally committed. I love the support in the Facebook Group and hearing about everyone’s unique swimming experiences. I have three sons and seven grandsons and want them to be proud of mum/nanny. 

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I am just an ordinary person doing something I believe is extraordinary

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