Katie and her daughters have raised an incredible £1,350

The Aspire Channel Swim challenge has inspired us for so many reasons.  I am a nurse and so I see first hand the effects and impact on those affected by spinal injury.  I am a specialist tissue viability nurse (a fancy title for a nurse that specialises in complex wounds!) and so I have seen how people affected by Spinal Cord Injury are more vulnerable to pressure ulcers and compromised skin integrity.  Therefore, I am aiming to raise as much money as I can to support this very worthy cause.

Foxs Challenge 1

I am doing this challenge with my daughters (although we are not sharing the lengths).  My 9 and 10 year old daughters both signed up too and we are not only embracing it as a family, but loving every moment of it.  My girls are great swimmers and, whilst I love swimming, I would not profess to be a great swimmer. However, this challenge has enabled me to improve my swimming technique and speed.

I feel like I have found ‘my sport‘ that’s not only good for my physical fitness but for my mental wellbeing too

I have treated myself and my girls to a waterproof MP3 player which has proven to be a game changer!  We have all downloaded our favourite beats and this spurs our swimming on (we highly recommend it!).  

I am so proud of our ‘Foxes Channel Challenge’ and doing this with my girls makes me so proud

Foxs Challenge 3
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