Karen is swimming for fitness and weight loss

I found out about the Aspire Channel Swim on Facebook and I decided to challenge myself whilst doing something for a good cause at the same time.  

I’ve always been a good swimmer.  My dad taught me and then when I was at school they wanted me to swim for the team, but I was really shy.  I enjoy swimming because it’s great exercise and good for my mental health.  I usually put the world to rights when I’m swimming, as well as having some great ideas for work and my family.  During the Swim I have definitely become stronger and quicker; I would like to feel fitter and lose some weight.

Karen Burke

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I decided that I needed a challenge and what’s better than one in which I can get fitter and raise money for charity?  I’m hoping to lose pounds in body weight but gain pounds in money! 

The challenge is exactly what I expected.  Sometimes it feels like I’ve got a long way to go but I like pushing myself and I feel proud of myself.  I think I would do it again because I want to continue swimming every week so I’m sure it’ll just be part of my life. 

I find fundraising hard, but I have been sharing my progress on Facebook and asking my friends an family to sponsor me.  I don’t know anyone with a spinal cord injury, but I work at a secondary school where we have a few disabled pupils who use wheelchairs.  If I can just help one person, I would be really chuffed with myself.

Karen's JustGiving page

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