Jun 13, 2017

Foggy goggles are a problem almost as old as swimming itself. Whether they steam up halfway through a race, or ten lengths into a workout, any amount of fog in your vision is a pain every swimmer knows. 

But why does it happen? Well the explanation is pretty simple; your face inside the goggles is warmer than the outside of the goggles facing the water, creating condensation. This in turn creates fog – steaming up your goggles.

However, fear not! Here are the top ways to keep the fog from forming during your Aspire Channel Swim:

1)      Saliva

If you don’t mind a bit of spit, saliva is the free and easy fog free solution. Rubbing a bit of saliva around the inside of your goggles adds a layer of water to the lens which will stop condensation from forming.  It won’t stop your goggles from fogging forever, but it is a great short term solution and means you avoid putting any chemicals near your eyes.

2)      Baby Shampoo

Sounds strange, but just a few drops of baby shampoo can guarantee you a fog free swim. Leave a couple drops in your lens for 15 minutes, rinse well, and you’ll be good to go!  Similar to your saliva, the baby shampoo leaves a layer of transparent film on the goggles that prevents condensation from forming (and is slightly less off-putting than spitting into your goggles).

3)      Toothpaste

This hot tip comes from the scuba diving community (although proof that it works on recreational goggles is sparser so make sure you’re gentle to avoid scratching you goggles to bits). Rub a little bit of toothpaste inside and outside your lens, and the film it leaves behind will work in a similar way to baby shampoo. Make sure you wash your goggles thoroughly though before putting on!

4)      Anti-Fog Spray

If you want to get fancy with your anti-fog protection then you can invest in some actual anti-fog spray. There’s loads on the market so take your pick, however make sure you rinse them out properly to avoid become partially blind for the remainder of the day.

5)      Decent Goggles

If you want to avoid the issue long term then the only solution is to invest in a decent pair of goggles. Zoggs do a fantastic range of goggles all fitted with Fogbuster™ anti-fog, so head over to their website to fix the issue once and for all. Our favourite are these seriously suave Fusion Air Gold Mirror Swimming goggles:

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