Five ways to help with recovery after your swim!

We’ve all experienced that lovely and satisfying feeling of a good swim. We’ve also all dreaded the dull ache that follows the next day. Although it may feel like punishment for your efforts, there are ways for your body to recover from that Lactic Acid quicker, so you can continue push your limits! Follow these simple Aspire Channel Swim guidelines to help improve recovery for a happier, healthier you! 

1. Sleep – it’s very individual how many hours of sleep our bodies need to recover after working out, some of us need five and some of us need eight per night. The important thing to remember though is to try to keep the same sleeping pattern every day, as the recovery starts faster – by doing this our body knows when it’s time to sleep and time to be active!

Waterwith Ice

2. Hydration – one might think that we usually don’t sweat so much when we’re swimming, simply because we don’t really feel it when gliding through the water. But just like any other workout we sweat a lot when we’re swimming, and it’s important to drink lots of water! If you’re struggling to drink enough water, read our blog post about how to make sure that you are drinking enough water! Aim for two litres a day! Slurp!


3. Warm up and cooling down - Just like with any sport it’s important to have a proper warm-up and cool-down – this is active recovery because it gets the blood flowing through the body again and it releases tension.


4. Eat properly - Fuelling your body after swimming is vital to get the most out of it – ideally this should be no less than 30 minutes after your work-out. You can compare yourself to a car, if a car is out of petrol, it doesn’t work!

Pack your swim bag with a pot of Greek yoghurt, a smoothie or peanut butter to re-energise afterwards, all of them are easy to carry! See our best post-swim snacks.  


5. Massages - why not treat yourself to a nice massage once every now and then? A massage is a natural pain relief as it reduces muscle tension and triggers the relief of endorphins. Since massage reduces tension we feel more relaxed afterwards which will help us to sleep better!

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