Deb Lovegrove - At home in the water

One of our most enthusiastic Aspire Channel Swimmers this year is Deb Lovegrove and we often spot her optimistic comments on social media! They’re full of positive words, heart emojis and the word “love”, we wanted to know more about what swimming means to Deb, so we sat down for a chat.

“Swimming regularly is part of my life, it’s how I stay fit, both physically and mentally. The more I swim, the more I’m able to enjoy the meditative side too, allowing the stresses of daily life literally drift away”.


Deb completed the Aspire Channel Swim for the first time in 2017 and “LOVED IT!” big exclamation mark! So there was no surprise that she wanted to complete the challenge again this year, although it didn’t start off that easy.  In the beginning of 2018 Deb had to take a break from swimming as she went through surgery. While she was recovering she had to stay out of the pool for five months so during this time she kept fit by cycling and practising yoga. When Deb finally got to return to her beloved pool she had an overwhelming feeling of freedom and completeness as she glided through the water, she decided that it was time to sign up for the challenge again. She explains to us how the Aspire Channel Swim has been pivotal in retaining her fitness as well as allowing her to focus on her love for swimming.  

Deb Lovegrove

“I’m totally hooked on swimming and if I can raise money to help others then it only adds to the joy of each stroke”.

This year she finished the challenge in only six weeks in two different pools, in two different continents, always feeling at one with water.

If you love swimming like Deb, why not sign up for the Aspire Channel Swim?

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