Jun 13, 2017

Swimming is fantastic for many reasons but, as anyone who swims on a regular basis will know, one downside of spending so much time in a pool is that that chlorine can really upset your hair and skin. So to make life easier for our Aspire Channel Swimmers we’ve trawled the Boots aisles and found you the best skin and hair saving products for while you’re participating in the swim. You’re welcome! 

1) Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Re-energize Treatment Mask

Perfect for nourishing hair that’s been worn down by chlorine, this Tigi mask is designed to smooth, soften and de-frizz your hair. Not only will this mask repair signs of damage, but it will also strengthen every strand for hair that’s ready to take on any pool! If you’re swimming weekly try to use it once a fortnight (although we’re sure once you feel how soft it makes your hair feel you’ll want to use it far more regularly). 

2) Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash Detangling Hairbrush

The constant turning when swimming lengths, coupled with an intense shampoo after to get all the chlorine out, can cause some pretty nasty tangles in your hair. Not only do these knots limit how much moisture your hair soaks up from a conditioner and serum, but they can also cause some serious hair breakages if you try to brush them out with a regular hairbrush when wet.

Thankfully Tangle Teezer’s Aqua Splash has come to the rescue! It’s safe to use on wet hair so won’t cause further damage, and can also be used to brush through conditioners and hair treatments to ensure every strand is moisturised. Mermaid-like tresses are only one brush away!

3) Coconut Oil

The bible of beauty products; coconut oil is cheap and can be used for an incredible amount of beauty treatments and hacks! To protect your hair and skin from dryness caused by chlorine damage smooth a thin layer of coconut oil onto the ends of your hair and over your skin. This creates a protective barrier; preventing all those nasty pool chemicals.

You can also use coconut oil after your shower as an intense moisturiser. Smooth a small amount onto any dry patches to have silky smooth skin for the rest of the day; lovely!

4) SwimSpray

If after swimming your hair feels flat and your skin feels tight then it’s likely that you haven’t got all the chlorine off. SwimSpray has actually been scientifically proven to break the bond of chlorine, something many other body washes and shampoos struggle to do.

After you’ve rinsed in the shower simply spray SwimSpray over your hair and skin, then spread and rinse it off either by itself or with your favourite soap or shampoo. Your skin will be allowed to breathe, your hair will be softer and you won’t smell like chlorine!

5) Schwarzkopf got2b Oil-Licious Tame & Shine Styling Oil

This non greasy oil made with legendary Argan oil is perfect for smoothing down hair after a swim. If after swimming you find you have lots of dry fly-aways, simply run a coin sized amount of this oil through the lengths of your hair for a sleek and glossy mane. Best of all this oil is super versatile! You can use it pre shampooing for extra nourishment, while your hair is damp to help with manageability, or pop onto dry hair for a sleek finished style!

These products are brilliant, but having a healthy diet packed with vitamins and minerals will also help your hair, skin and nails! Check out 5 HEALTHY LUNCH BOX IDEAS or THE BEST POST SWIM SNACKS for some inspo (we particularly love the salmon with yoghurt and avocado recipe - yum!).

If you need the excuse to test some of these products out, you can sign up to the Aspire Channel Swim 2017 HERE!