10 year old girl signed up for 2016 Aspire Channel Swim

Aug 27, 2016

Blog 12 Lily Wells

Lily, 10, whose father is paralysed from the chest down, will be participating in the Aspire Channel Swim this year.

Lily will be visiting her local pool at Parish Wharf Leisure Centre to swim the 1,416 lengths required, or 35,400 metres!

Lily’s father, Tom, has a spinal cord injury after breaking his back in a tobogganing accident on a skiing holiday when he was 21.  This was at the T5/6 vertebral level which means he has no mobility or sensation from the chest down, and relies on a wheelchair to get around. He was part way through his medical training when he had his accident but went on to qualify as a doctor and is now a Consultant in Medical Oncology. 

“I’m doing this challenge to help people like my dad,” Lily says.

Blog 12 Lily Wells And Father Tom Wells

Her mother Mary Wells comments, “Lily is more aware than most children about the realities of disability seeing how time consuming and difficult mobility is for her dad every day. A family friend is paralysed from the neck down, so she has two very personal reasons to spur her on.

“Tom and I swam the Aspire Channel Swim in 2009 raising £2,785 for Aspire and have always said that Lily can do it too when she’s old enough. She’s done a swimming gala at school and has weekly swimming lessons, but this will be a much bigger challenge – one which she is very excited to start.”

To support Lily go to her JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/LilyWells   

Or if you're inspired to swim too, sign up as well!